Justice Advisory Council [remote]

Cook County Board of Commissioners
Criminal Justice

Friday, March 10, 2023
8:30 a.m. — 10:30 a.m. CST

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This is a remote assignment. The meeting will be held via Microsoft Teams. If you are selected for this assignment, we will forward you the meeting link and agenda via email once it becomes available.

Never post a videoconference link directly on Twitter, as this can cause the meeting to get hacked. Instead, you can invite people who are interested in tuning in to the meeting to DM you for the link.

Update from JAC email: Virtual Meeting held via Microsoft Teams

Click here to join the meeting Meeting ID: 232 258 532 608 Passcode: DubaF8 Download Teams | Join on the web Or call in (audio only) +1 872-215-6022
Phone Conference ID: 865 267 647#

We also invite you to view the press release and recording of our 2/21/23 press conference announcing additional Gun Violence Prevention & Reduction Grant Awards and our partnership with the IL Dept of Human Services, Office of Firearm Violence Prevention.

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Edited and summarized by the Chicago - IL Documenters Team

Live reporting by Anna Carvlin

Justice, prevention, community engagement

Anna Carvlin, MPH, Pro Abortion @AnnaLuzCarvlin
Hi, I'll be live tweeting The Cook County Justice Advisory Council meeting at 8:30 a.m. today. The agenda includes a presentation about effective community engagement models.

Information on how to join the meeting is here: chicago.documenters.org/assignments/ju…

08:28 AM Mar 10, 2023 CST

Anna Carvlin, MPH, Pro Abortion @AnnaLuzCarvlin 2/14
A majority of board members in attendance, meeting called to order at 8:33.

Justice Michael Hyman opens w/ 3questions to consider:
1. What are our priorities/goals
2. How to allocate resources
3. What needs to change since we're "post-pandemic"

Minutes approved.
Anna Carvlin, MPH, Pro Abortion @AnnaLuzCarvlin 3/14
JAC Public Information Officer Laura Grossman begins with a reminder of the JAC mission: https://t.co/QlxilkGTLH
Anna Carvlin, MPH, Pro Abortion @AnnaLuzCarvlin 4/14
Grossman lists the ten pieces of legislation the Council will focus on the upcoming session. JAC Deputy Director Ali Abid said there hasn't been much "pushback" on the proposed legislation. https://t.co/2LarQHQykG
Anna Carvlin, MPH, Pro Abortion @AnnaLuzCarvlin 5/14
Grossman discusses the $100M investment in the community for gun violence prevention and reduction, which includes 73 funded organizations. https://t.co/tic6nc41s4
Anna Carvlin, MPH, Pro Abortion @AnnaLuzCarvlin 6/14
Ray Robinson, Community Liaison in Englewood, presents on best practices on community engagement using the JAC model. It's best to "talk with them" not "talk at them" when convening community in a "warm" and "welcome" place where they feel comfortable talking about trauma.
Anna Carvlin, MPH, Pro Abortion @AnnaLuzCarvlin 7/14
Robinson's goal is to assess people's experiences at every step interfacing with the criminal justice system, including when they're stopped, at the police station, at the Cook County Jail, and with their public defender, helpful or not, in order to "chip away" at the problem.
Anna Carvlin, MPH, Pro Abortion @AnnaLuzCarvlin 8/14
Robinson says people are not offered assistance--like access to education and poverty reduction--for what drives them to the "steps of justice."

People feel it's a "caste system," they feel "inferior" and "people in a position to make a change don't understand their plight."
Anna Carvlin, MPH, Pro Abortion @AnnaLuzCarvlin 9/14
Patrick Covington, also a community liaison, is now presenting on working within the Safety and Justice Model, now in its third year. He stresses the importance of educating people who interface with the criminal justice system about the Justice Advisory Council support systems.
Anna Carvlin, MPH, Pro Abortion @AnnaLuzCarvlin 10/14
Covington stresses the importance of talking solutions to, for example, someone getting arrested who doesn't have an ID, or who is homeless, and isn't released from jail because they have nowhere to go, instead of only talking about the problems.
Anna Carvlin, MPH, Pro Abortion @AnnaLuzCarvlin 11/14
Board member Edith Crigler comments on how appreciative she is to hear from the liaisons so the board can see the "racist, archaic, mean-spirited practices" in the criminal justice system.
Anna Carvlin, MPH, Pro Abortion @AnnaLuzCarvlin 12/14
Ray Robinson remarks that liaisons are essential to "chipping away" at the community's distrust of the County. "It's a slow process but I believe we can accomplish it if we...introduce the human element back into the equation..."
Anna Carvlin, MPH, Pro Abortion @AnnaLuzCarvlin 13/14
Justice Hyman closes the presentation: "[Y]ou educated us, enthused us, told us what we need to do...we're so fortunate to have you two in the community...I can't think of better people...We will be out there...We have to be seen, so we're going to be doing that."
Anna Carvlin, MPH, Pro Abortion @AnnaLuzCarvlin 14/14
Justice Hyman adjourns at 9:39.

This concludes the Justice Advisory Council meeting. The next meeting date was not provided.

For more meeting coverage, check out documenters.org.


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Cook County Board of Commissioners

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