Detroit City Council Formal Session, 10 a.m.

Detroit City Council

Tuesday, Jan. 4, 2022
10:00 a.m.

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Detroit City Council Formal Session 1-4-22 By Kayleigh Lickliter 2 weeks, 1 day ago
Agenda 01-04-22.pdf Agenda 01-04-22.pdf By Kayleigh Lickliter 1/4/2022
ccfs_142022_MeetingInfo.pdf ccfs_142022_MeetingInfo.pdf By Kayleigh Lickliter 1/4/2022
Health Department Order.pdf Health Department Order.pdf By Kayleigh Lickliter 1/4/2022
President  President Pro-tem reso.pdf President President Pro-tem reso.pdf By Kayleigh Lickliter 1/4/2022
Document Document By Paige Rollins 1/4/2022
1/4/22 Agenda 1/4/22 Agenda By Paige Rollins 1/4/2022
1/4/22 Meeting Information 1/4/22 Meeting Information By Paige Rollins 1/4/2022
Health Department Order 1/4/22 Health Department Order 1/4/22 By Paige Rollins 1/4/2022

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Detroit City Council

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The Detroit City Council is the legislative body of Detroit, Michigan, United States. The Council is responsible for the creation of local laws—called ordinances. Additionally they pass resolutions, motions, and the proposed city budget. The full-time council is required to meet every business day for at least 10 months of the year, with at least eight of these meetings occurring at a location besides city hall. The council may convene for special meetings at the call of the mayor or at least four members of council. Areas of responsibility for the Budget, Finance and Audit Committee include, Budget, Finance and the Auditor General.

City Council members are elected on the same cycle as the Mayor and will be elected in 2021. Seven members represent the seven council districts, while two members are elected at-large.


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