Wednesday, June 5, 2024
4:00 p.m. — 6:00 p.m. EDT

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8120 Kinsman Rd Cleveland, OH 44104 (Directions)

CMHA Offices, Boardroom (or watch on Zoom)

Established in 1933 as the first chartered public housing authority in the country, the Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority (CMHA) owns and manages property and administers rent subsidy programs to provide eligible low-income individuals and families quality, safe, affordable housing in Cuyahoga County.

CMHA has a five-member Board of Commissioners that meets monthly, and as needed, to review and set policy for CMHA. Two board positions are appointed by the mayor of the City of Cleveland; two board positions are appointed by the Cleveland City Council; and one position is appointed by the mayor of the municipality with the second largest number of CMHA-managed housing units, currently East Cleveland. One of the Board members appointed by the mayor of Cleveland must be a CMHA resident.

Board members:

  • Stephanie Pope-Earley, chair
  • Joseph Black, vice chair
  • Nadine D. Head
  • Robert E. Davis
  • Diane Howard

Note: You can attend CMHA board meetings in person in the boardroom at CMHA’s offices, located at 8120 Kinsman Road in Cleveland. You can also attend remotely by joining a Zoom link. We do not know when a recording of the Zoom meeting would be available, as CMHA distributes it only via a public record request. So, to document the meeting, please attend at the time of the meeting. It could be helpful to record audio of the meeting with your phone or a recording device, but it is not a requirement of the assignment.

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Agenda: We will share it when it’s available and add it to, but keep an eye out for it on this CMHA webpage.

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Edited and summarized by the Cleveland - OH Documenters Team

Note-taking by Mildred Seward

Housing authority enters into contract to help people returning from prison

Live reporting by Marvetta Rutherford

Board OKs rental assistance for some residents of Gates Mills Villa

Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise

02:09 PM Jun 5, 2024 CDT

Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 2/27
I was just handed an agenda... the room is filling up....
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 3/27
Roll call and approval of minutes.
CEO report spoke about the events of the previous month ie Senior Day
Mothers Day Event
Narcan training
Sign language classes
No Committee Reports
Summer event and Splash Parks are opening
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 4/27
Patterson continued with the upcoming events like Fathers Day Events..
Employees are recognized by the board
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 5/27
Employee of the month
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 6/27
New business is next as per agenda
A, 350k for vehicle gas and diesel for police cars and the authority from Edwin Oliveras
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 7/27
Resolution b was tabled
Resolution C by Sharhonda Greer Chief of Housing Administration and Operations
This is for trash chute cleaning
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 8/27
Resolution D is contracts to several different companies as per the agenda. This is authority wide for 2.5 million dollars. There is a back log maintenance orders and the timely performance is important.
These items were passed
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 9/27
Robert Davis asked about the assignment of the different companies
He also asked about the timeline of the contracts
Greer explained the company's procedures and costs
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 10/27
He asked about the employees and their activities
Greer answered
Pope Earley asked about how the current situation
Davis had questions about the cost
Howard asked if they are private companies
Joseph Black asked
whether or not this applies to unit pre
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 11/27
E Site Beautification and maintenance support
These maybe Returning citizens
The company is Center for Employment Opportunities Inc
This can help the residents
Resolution passed
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 12/27
Matthew Schmidt presented resolution F
For Addison Square
The parking lot needs repairs to various areas
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 13/27
Resolution passed
Resolution G
Willson tower Also needs repairs to the parking lot of the high and low rise structures
Motion passed
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 14/27
Resolution H is for roof replacement at Addison Square Highrise
This is for 1.7 million
Motion passed
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 15/27
King Kennedy Community Center needs a new roof
This is projected to be 711,456.00
As per agenda
Resolution I
Motion passed
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 16/27
Joseph Black asked about the company's that have responded to the RFP
And Schmidt answered
Motion passed
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 17/27
Resolution J
King Kennedy for the Highrise
Stovetop extinguishers are the purpose for this
Motion passed
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 18/27
Diane Howard asked about the timeline and was told by the fall
For the electric units only
Gas units are not covered because the gas would still be going
Motion passed
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 19/27
K is for 450,716.00 for two different companies for the updating security systems
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 20/27
Motion passed
Black asked about the existing systems to which Schmidt responded
Next up Resolution L for the Masonry and Ventilation Repair
For Outhwaite Homes
For 3.1 million dollars
There are over 1000 units
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 21/27
Motion passed
Howard asked about inspections and why it took so long to get this?
Black asked if was external or interior issues
Schmidt said both
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 22/27
Resolution M
Dorivette Nolan spoke of line item resolutions authority wide
Motion passed
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 23/27
Resolution N is for Gates Mills Preservation for 8 units Rental assistance
This is in Mayfield Hts
Elderly households
This structure is fully occupied
Motion passed
Davis asked about the age limit
He asked about waiting lists as per HUD regs
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 24/27
Black asked about how the number of units
Nolan said that the site submits the number
Howard asked about the 2 br
Nolan said there would be at least 2,
Davis asked whether the additional tenant would be checked
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 25/27
Last Resolution O
Strategic Information Technology and Cybersecurity
million dollars
Claire Russ Chief of Agency Analytics, Inspection and Technology presented the final resolution
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 26/27
Black asked about the return of the investment
Russ gave many areas of value for the authority
Motion passed
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 27/27
No comments
Executive Sessions are next
The people in the room are leaving this adjourns this session
Have questions? Think we got something wrong? Send any inquiries on the meeting or these tweets to



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Agency Information

Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority

Established in 1933 as the first chartered public housing authority in the country, the Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority (CMHA) owns and manages property and administers rent subsidy programs to provide eligible low-income individuals and families quality, safe, affordable housing in Cuyahoga County.


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