Tuesday, May 21, 2024
6:30 p.m. — 8:30 p.m. EDT

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3952 W 140th St Cleveland, OH 44111 (Directions)

John Marshall High School, Cafetorium (or watch on YouTube)

The Board of Education functions as the governing body of the Cleveland Metropolitan School District. Board responsibilities include: hiring the school district chief executive officer (with the mayor’s agreement); setting school district policy; approving the school district budget; establishing goals and accountability standards; and promoting parent, family, and community involvement in the schools.

The board has two types of meetings: a work session and a business meeting. Work sessions focus on information gathering and debate on issues and proposed resolutions. Business meetings focus on holding official votes on resolutions.

The board can have up to nine voting members, all of whom are appointed by the mayor.

Current board members:

  • Sara Elaqad, chair
  • Leah D. Hudnall, vice chair
  • Robert Briggs
  • Robert M. Heard
  • Midori Lebrón
  • Diana Welch Howell
  • Denise W. Link
  • Nigamanth Sridhar
  • Charlene Jones

The CEO of the school district is Warren Morgan II.

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Edited and summarized by the Cleveland - OH Documenters Team

Note-taking by Marcy Clark

District upgrading alert system for power outages

Live reporting by Marvetta Rutherford

Overcrowding at Newcomers Academy, public commenter says

Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise
Greetings #Cleveland today I have the honor of covering the @cmsd school district Meeting today starting at 630! Grab a snack and your favorite drink
#TellYourFriends #cledocumenters @cledocumenters @signalcleveland sent me !

05:20 PM May 21, 2024 CDT

Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 2/42
The room is extra full with students who are being recognized for their excellence this year
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 3/42
As the board readies themselves.. the people in the room are hyped
Roll call
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 4/42
CEO report is first on the agenda tonight
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 5/42
These are the students and board members!
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 6/42
Individual pictures will be added to the end of the Meeting
Back to the business at hand
In climate weather guidelines are being discussed by the ceo
And Karen Thompson
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 7/42
This is the why for the issues of closing
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 8/42
Alerts are sent out
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 9/42
Panel construction
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 10/42
How the process works!
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 11/42
29 schools do not have backup generators
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 12/42
11 school buildings have no air conditioning
The phases should be done by July
They have partners in different cities in Ohio, Indiana and Baltimore
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 13/42
Sara Elaqad asked about the situation with schools that are older and don't have air conditioning
This process has been in place since 2003
More proactive maintenance measures are in place now
CEO supports this and expressed gratitude
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 14/42
Public comments are next via online requests
Lisa Riley is first
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 15/42
Her concern is the Teacher Assistant and the salary
She expressed her frustration with the situation.
She cited various ways to make the situation better.
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 16/42
This woman has been in all the meetings this year and she spoke about traveling with the students
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 17/42
This special needs teacher is upset about the suicide rates of her peers. She has been working here 23 years
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 18/42
She was excited when the ceo was hired.. she encouraged him to visit the chair of the school
She is an intervention specialist aka special education
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 19/42
Donice Harris is next .. she asked for help with her situation with her interactions with parents and staff on the grading policy... the grade of I aka F
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 20/42
Counselors need input on the scheduling process
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 21/42
This is a music teacher at the Newcomers school. They have a problem with overcrowding
K-12 they have over 900 students right now
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 22/42
Shutting down computer rooms is the current idea
There are autistic children who are affected
She also has safety and security plans.
Her concerns are about the lack of sunlight
The idea of 49 students in a room....
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 23/42
19 resolutions are being adopted
Building improvement is first
CEO Morgan gave his report on a bond and taxes that they plan to replace an expiring bond in place
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 24/42
Morgan reflected on his first year after covid
He has 5 year goals
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 25/42
5 years financial assumptions
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 26/42
This lack of funding has been a challenge for the district.
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 27/42
During the discussion
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 28/42
Revised forecast has increased wages and money in the black
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 29/42
In 26-27 the district will be in debt to the tune of 100 million dollars
Morgan spoke about the future of the district
This is the levy and bond asks
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 30/42
This will be on the ballot in November.
Elaqad supports this
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 31/42
Resolution passed
Next up
Athletic issues
Resolution passed
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 32/42
Grant money from a LLC
Motion passed
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 33/42
More resolutions are passed regarding text books and other supplies
Motion passed on these 4 items
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 34/42
Supplements to the resolutions are not clear on the screen
This is for 12 items for employees and administrative expenses
Substitute Teachers etc
Motion passed
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 35/42
New business is the Cleveland Public librar and the appointment of a board member deadline is in June!
Board members are in executive session
After the recess the board put forth a motion not to renew a contract for School Based Administrators
Motion passed
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 36/42
With this the Meeting was adjourned!
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 37/42
As promised, here's some of the graduates who were honored:
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 38/42
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 39/42
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 40/42
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 41/42
Denise A@cleDocumenter @CleDocuDenise 42/42
Until the next time, blessings in Abundance to you #Cleveland
Have questions? Think we got something wrong? Send any inquiries on the meeting or these tweets to
I love you to life!


Agency Information

Cleveland Metropolitan School District

The Board of Education functions as the governing body of the Cleveland Metropolitan School District. Board responsibilities include: hiring the School District Chief Executive Officer (with the concurrence of the Mayor); setting School District policy; approving the School District budget; establishing goals and accountability standards; and promoting parent, family, and community involvement in the schools.

Cleveland’s current school governance structure was created by Ohio House Bill 269 in 1997, and took effect September 9, 1998. The Board of Education is made up of nine voting members appointed by the Mayor of Cleveland from a slate of nominees selected by a local nominating panel, established under State law. At least four of the nine members must have significant expertise in either education, finance, or business management. Board members must be residents of the School District, and at least one of the nine members must reside in that part of the School District that is outside the City of Cleveland (Bratenahl, Linndale, Newburgh Heights, and parts of Brook Park and Garfield Heights).

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