March Cleveland Documenters Community of Practice


Thursday, March 25, 2021
6:00 p.m. — 7:30 p.m. EDT

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Join us Thursday, March 25th at 6pm for Cleveland Documenters Community Of Practice (DCoP), our monthly gathering for mutual support, learning, and action.

Come to connect with other Documenters, share what you’re learning, and discuss the path ahead.

Anyone signed up as a Documenter is welcome to attend. Even if you’ve never attended a training, or never applied for an assignment.

In our “Fresh Learning” group discussion, we’ll share what we all learned from our “Voices on the Vaccine assignment, including what you loved about the assignment, and what you would change..

Here are our pre-set breakout rooms this month: Room 1: Voices on the Vaccine: more on what we’ve learned, and what next? How do we share this information with the community? (hosted by Rachel Dissell)

Room 2: Let’s Talk Live Tweeting!: Whether you are new to live tweeting public meetings or an old hand, join this room to share, learn, and discuss live tweeting for Cleveland Documenters.

Room 3: Environmental Justice Special Project:_ Cleveland Documenters is currently developing an environmental justice grant proposal, and we want you to help. The grant is to test, refine and/or build out an environmental justice reporting project in Greater Cleveland to elevate BIPOC. (hosted by Lila, Kevin & Courtney)

Room 3: The City of Cleveland Exterior Paint Program provides free vouchers for exterior paint and supplies for owner-occupants and tenants. The program has been extended until all 500 slots are filled, but city council is having a hard time getting the word out. Join this room to help brainstorm ways to let Cleveland residents know about this program! (hosted by Teela)

Of course, at DCoP anyone can host a conversation to hear different perspectives, experiences and to receive support with an issue or opportunity they are facing related to Documenters work. So, if you have a topic to discuss, let me know. Or, just bring it on Thursday, and we’ll add it in before we head into breakouts.

As usual, we’re looking for a few Documenters who would like to play a team role at DCoP. If you’re interested in taking on one of these roles below, let me know:

**Chat: Welcome folks in chat. Collect email addresses in chat. Post links and text in chat.

**Time keeper: Keep us on schedule.

**Read the DCoP Welcome

**Introduce New & Good

Learn more about DCoP roles here:

Based on Neighbor Up’s Virtual Community of Practice, DCoP is a way to build community through sharing knowledge and skills. Come with a question, an idea, something you’re sitting with, or just to hang out and listen.

Register to get the Zoom link (link will be added 24 hours before the gathering).

Come up to 30 minutes early for tech support, and to connect with others and the space.

Stick around for (at least) 30 minutes after for our informal hangout, a place for the parking lot conversation AFTER the conversation.

Here’s the tentative DCoP agenda:

5:30-6:00: Pre-huddle, informal hangout, tech support 6:00: Check-in: New and Good 6:20: Group discussion: Voices on the Vaccine 6:40: Business of the Network 6:45: BREAKOUT SESSIONS 7:10: Breakout debrief 7:30-?: “The Parking Lot:” Informal hangout time (optional)

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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